art inspired by the cosmos

Artwork based on astrology and spirituality.

Capricorn  // I am ruled by saturn. I am crazy ambitious.
I reach for the stars catch them in my hands.

Aquarius  //  I am ruled by uranus. I strive to be unique and original.
Like water and air I go with the flow.

Pisces //  I am ruled by neptune. I swim in the waters of the oneness with all that is.
I want my dreams and fantasies to become my reality.

Aries //  I am ruled by mars. Leading others comes naturally to me.
I am a fierce spiritual warrior for freedom and new ideas.

Taurus //  I am ruled by venus. I live a life of sensuality and delight.
My determination is legendary.

Cancer //  I am ruled by the moon. I navigate the waters of my ever
changing phases. I want to be a mirror for your soul.

Gemini //  I am ruled by mercury. My personality has many facets.
With my razor sharp mind, I drink up the world around me.

Leo //  I am ruled by the sun. I am ablaze with radiant
to light my way. I am a star.

Virgo //  I am ruled by mercury while I am here on my earth. Where there is chaos
I bring order and harmony. I want to love and be loved.

Libra //  I am ruled by venus. I live to be in love. My heart floats through the air.
My yin to your yang, my yang to your yin. I want to achieve perfect balance.

Scorpio //  I am ruled by pluto. My passions are boundless. My desire is to
go deeper and unlock hidden mysteries. I remain an enigma.

Sagittarius //  I am ruled by jupiter. My heart is afire for travel to
faraway places. I aim to make a difference in the world.

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