art inspired by the cosmos

Artwork based on astrology and spirituality.

Capricorn women possess a cool, calm power which gives them the ability to rise
to the top in any situation through sheer perseverance.

Aquarians are lovers of dream and fantasy. They are usually very intuitive, some would say psychic.
With their inventive minds they are quick to find solutions and think outside the box.

Full of imagination and very perceptive the Pisces woman when focused can move mountains
(or oceans ;-)). Passionate about their work they are the ones that display sheer genius.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac so Aries women tend to be natural born leaders. Genuinely courageous
and full of confidence, Aries women tend to be the pioneers in any field.

The Taurean woman loves luxury and has a very sensual nature. She is very strong-willed
and determined and never gives up on her dreams.

The Cancer woman is very feminine and seductive. She is both sensitive and changeable
like the phases of the moon which is her ruling celestial body. 

Ruled by mercury Geminis are bright, quick and love to express themselves with words.
They are the poets of the zodiac and sparkle like stars.

Leo women are usually the center of attention of any group and their
radiant warmth is what attracts us to them.

The Virgo woman is usually pure in heart, steel-willed and exacting. She wants what she wants
when she wants it and how she wants it. She possesses great reserves of strength.

The Libran woman tends to ask for and get the finer things in life. Usually very ubane
and chic she loves to be on the cutting edge.

The Scorpio woman loves mystery and is herself quite mysterious.
She only reveals what she wants you to know.

High energy, full of enthusiasm there's always a whirl of activity surrounding the Sagittarian woman.
These zestful spirits are constantly in motion and love adventure and travel.

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